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Participatory video at 'Housekeeping Competition', Hue, July 2010 (Source: Katherine Brickell)

Cooking up Change? Housekeeping Competitions as Gendered Development Interventions in Vietnam

Dates: February 2010-January 2012
Funding: British Academy Small Research Grant
Research cooperation: University of Hue and Vietnam Women’s Union

This project was concerned with housekeeping competitions in Vietnam. With the Women’s Union in Hue, I co-organised and researched one of the first ever competitions in which men were not just audience members and judges but participants with women. In turn, the study contributed to a number of critical debates concerning how to promote male participation in ‘family’ activities through initiatives which go beyond the merely monetary to include men’s engagement in domestic labour. This task is critically important given the ideological underestimation of women’s work and the double day that women from across the Global South commonly face, juggling domestic responsibilities with paid work. Through the one-day event, participatory video and interviews with community members the research questioned whether such competitions could be modified to provide the basis for culturally appropriate development interventions which alleviate intra-household gender inequality.

Research from this project has been published in Gender, Place and Culture. The paper entitled ‘Participatory Video Drama Research in Transitional Vietnam: Post-Production Narratives on Marriage, Parenting and Social Evils’ can be accessed here.

Geographies of Transition in the Mekong Region: Gender, Labour and Domestic Life in Cambodia and Vietnam

Dates: October 2008-September 2012
Funding: British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship
Research cooperation: University of Hue and Vietnam Women’s Union

In recent years, the Mekong Region has experienced spectacular economic growth with dramatic changes taking place in the lives of women and men, particularly in the workforce. At the same time, the global ‘feminisation’ of labour has become the focus of sustained attention on account of its transformative potential for women’s lives. Insufficient consideration however has been paid to two key arenas influencing future trajectories of gender inequality- first, the implications of the feminisation of labour for men’s lives and masculine identities and second, for gender injustices within the home. These critical gaps were addressed through postdoctoral research in post Doi Moi Vietnam.

Research from my fellowship period has been published in Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers. The paper entitled ‘Towards Geographies of Speech: Proverbial Utterances of Home in Contemporary Vietnam’ can be accessed here.

Contemporary Challenges in Transitional Vietnam: Insights from Vietnam Studies in the United Kingdom / Những thách thức đương thời trong sự chuyển tiếp Việt Nam: Những nghiên cứu sâu sắc về Việt Nam tại Vương Quốc Anh.

Date: February 29th 2012
Funding: British Academy Conference Support Grant

Bringing together academics from across the social sciences to consider the social, economic and political challenges facing Vietnam, the one-day workshop provided a unique opportunity to support and publicise the innovative research being conducted in the United Kingdom on one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economies. The event aimed to have long-term impact by engaging the participation of, and developing links between, scholars, development funders and policy makers and Vietnamese postgraduate students at British universities. It formed part of Vietnam Academic Network (VAN-UK) activities.

Video links to each presentation can be found here:

Introduction: Katherine Brickell, Royal Holloway, University of London.

Becoming and being urban in Hanoi: Rural-Urban Migration and Relations in Vietnam: Jonathan Rigg, University of Durham/ Đã và đang đô thị hóa trong Hà Nội : Di dời nhập cư Nông thôn – Thành thị và Các mối quan hệ của Việt Nam. Jonathan Rigg, Đại học Durham.

What’s family got to do with it? Facing the Challenges of Internal Migration in Vietnam: Catherine Locke, University of East Anglia/ Ảnh hưởng như thế nào của gia đình? Đối mặt với các thách thức của việc nhập cư trong nước Việt Nam. Catherine Locke, Đại học East Anglia.

Gender, Vulnerability and Social Protection in Transitional Vietnam: Opportunities and Challenges: Nicola Jones, Overseas Development Institute (ODI)/ Giới tính, Sự dễ bị tổn thương, và Bảo Trợ Xã Hội trong bước chuyển mình của Việt Nam: Các Cơ hội và Thách thức. Nicola Jones, Viện Phát triển Hải Ngoại (ODI).

‘Deterritorialised Citizenship’? Transnationalism in Contemporary Vietnam: Claire Sutherland, University of Durham/’Quyền công dân bị hao mòn’? Tính Đa quốc gia trong Việt Nam đương đại. Claire Sutherland, Đại học Durham.

Population Ageing in Vietnam: An Irreversible Truth: Matthew Thanh Tye, University of Oxford/ Sự già hóa Dân số ở Việt Nam: Một Sự thật Không thể đảo ngược. Matthew Thanh Tye. Đại học Oxford.

Continuity and Change in Vietnamese Politics: What Future for One-Party Rule? Martin Gainsborough, University of Bristol/ Sự tiếp diễn và Thay đổi của Chính trị Việt Nam: Tương lai nào cho Quy luật Một Tổ chức? Martin Gainsborough, Đại học Bristol.

Vietnam’s Membership of the World Trade Organization: An analysis of the Reconciliation of International Law into a Socialist Legal Regime: An Lan Thi Tran, University of Leeds/ Thành viên Việt Nam trong Tổ chức Thương mại Thế giới: Bài phân tích về Sự hòa giải của Luật pháp Quốc tế cho Chế độ Xã hội chủ nghĩa hợp pháp. An Lan Thi Tran, Đại học Leeds.

Journalism Professionalism for a Transitional Vietnam: Current Development and Future Challenges: An Nguyen, University of Bournemouth/ Tính chuyên nghiệp của Nghề làm báo trong một Việt Nam đang quá độ: Việc phát triển hiện tại và Các thách thức trong Tương lai. An Nguyen, Đại học Bournemouth.

Tourism Development and Threats to Intangible Cultural Heritage: The Case of Whale Worship in Central-South Vietnam: Mike Parnwell, University of Leeds/ Sự phát triển Du lịch và Các mối đe dọa Không thể thấy được cho Nền Di sản Văn hóa: Trường hợp Thờ cúng Cá voi ở miền Trung và miền Nam Việt Nam. Mike Parnwell. Đại học Leeds.