New research report on domestic violence law in Cambodia

19 January 2014

Image of New research report on domestic violence law in Cambodia

New preliminary research report available for download here.

Based on two years of ESRC/DFID funded research in collaboration with the NGO Gender and Development/Cambodia and Dr Bunnak Poch, the report deepens understanding of why investments in domestic violence law are faltering and what action can be taken.

It is envisaged that the report will inform the country’s 2nd National Action Plan to Prevent Violence Against Women (NAPVAW) 2013–2017 led by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and will help address concerns raised by the CEDAW 2013 Committee examination of Cambodia which found ‘limited progress in the prevention and elimination of violence against women’.

Feedback and other (media) enquiries are welcomed and should be directed to Katherine via the contact details on the front-page of this site.

To date the report’s findings have features in the Cambodian national press in The Phnom Penh Post and Cambodia Daily.

I will be speaking at the Center for Khmer Studies in Phnom Penh on February 3rd. Please see the flyer for further information.

Thanks to Bison Bison for the design of the report.

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  1. Tony Posnett says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this report. It looks really engaging and looking forward to reading.
    A colleague, Janet Robinson and I are engaged in a study on access to justice and plural legal systems. It’s only a small, UN funded study although it is regional with other teams working in 7 countries of Asia-Pacific. Would love to talk over the issues sometime especially as we look at the legal side if you had time. Domestic violence is of course one of the key issues emerging from the fieldwork which is trying to look at pathways and barriers to accessing justice (from a very small in depth study in two village populations using a feminist participatory action research approach).
    I am also involved in supporting the follow up to the CEDAW recommendations in terms of monitoring by local organisations and would appreciate any thoughts you had on that too.

    Unfortunately on the 3rd Janet is out of the country and it is my daughters birthday so can’t come to your presentation but if you did have any time would love to meet up.

    Kind regards, Tony

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